Anair: 1 Minute Video

Project Duration:
10 weeks

My Role:
Art Director, Copywriter, Creator of Assets

Tools Used:
Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator

Nicholas Cavagnero


This project was one of those you look back on and think how did we ever get all this done. The objective of this project was to make a 1 minute video promoting our product. This was a really fun project because as a team we were given a name from a product name generator online, then sent into a room full of random stuff. From hair spray to a watch and everything in between. My team was given the name Anair, and we picked a watch. We then proceeded to think who what where and why. We knew right away that we wanted to make a watch brand that would be unisex with masculine undertones. Nick is a typeface guru and found the perfect font for Anair which was Vow. It is a highly geometric typeface that inspired our logo mark.



The “A” from Vow is almost a complete triangle and we wanted to continue the use of triangles in our logo mark, as well as emphasize the A. The logo mark is created from many triangles stacked to make the larger shape of a parallelogram. The negative space both inside and where the points of the parallelogram intersect create triangle shapes. This logo mark is very stable with just enough dynamic attributes.

The mood we were aiming for was the high energy surrounding new gadgets. We knew from the beginning we wanted to make a smart watch that was versatile, and very minimal. Something that both satisfied the tech nerd in you, and your stylish side.



The watch faces were created by Nick, continuing with our minimal esthetic and bright colors. He also created the faces of possible tasks you could complete while using the watch such as daily to-do lists, and listening to music.

Here is an example of our watches mocked up.



We also saw the brand expanding to be more that just sports wear, so we wanted to see how our watch faces looked on a variety of styles

Here is our final video.