Project Duration:
5 weeks

My Role:
Art Director, Creator of Assets

Tools Used:
Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Augment, Rhino

Megan Fisher at


Forage wants to elevate the date night experience. Preparing a meal becomes a fun and romantic adventure, scouring the city for the most select and high quality ingredients. Forage combines the passion we have for each other with our love of excellent, hand prepared cuisine.



This app is all about creating a virtual space that elevates your environment, because of this Megan and I wanted our graphics to not compete with what our user was experiencing on screen. We chose a light cream with rich red and sky blue accents.

Our logo mark is similar to a pin icon showing the location hunting aspect of the app and we added an adorable fork to represent the food you would be eating after you foraged with our app.



Forage would have locations all over Seattle giving our users fun hunts and opportunities to discover the city. We decided for this hunt we would go to the iconic Pike Place Market. Megan and I scouted the area to see how far apart our locations with clues are and to make the most fluid path for the user.

The augmented reality aspect of our app is achieved through 3D models that would also represent the next stage of the hunt. The models would appear once user’s phone hovered over our app’s logo that would be hidden at different locations.



Here are a couple of the screen mock-ups we made.

For the full app walk through take a look at our video.