Mental Health Chaplaincy

Project Duration:
6 Months

My Role:
Art Director, Video & Sound Editor, Creator of Assets

Tools Used:
Premier, After Effects

Megan Fisher at
Angela Ivy 
Photography by Delaney Brown


The Mental Health Chaplaincy is a generous organization that works with the disadvantaged on the streets of Seattle. They help through their revolutionary Companionship Model, that has five very important tenants. Listening, neighboring, accompaniment, side-by-side, and hospitality are the pillars of their organization. Formally it was established in primarily a church setting. Craig Rennebohm is a Seattle pastor who begun the program. Since his early ministry in the streets the program has grown in leaps and bounds, training many more to accompany the homeless and mentally unstable. To meet the growing needs of this organization, The Mental Health Chaplaincy has just become a non-profit. They needed a rebrand, a facelift, to properly promote their services in the community and entice donors to support their awesome cause. It was hard to say no to this project – we all have experienced mental illness either through ourselves or with loved ones. This is a powerful organization that need an even more powerful video to showcase it’s good work. This is the art of storytelling at its best. Teasing out the necessary components and weaving a tale that will tug on heartstrings.

First we needed to set the tone for our campaign. Our moodboard showcases our bright color palette and expressive typography. Type that is friendly and relatable to the audience.


mhc_2 mhc_3

Next we needed to update their logo. Their previous logo had three rings, representing the Chaplaincy, the Companionship program, and the homeless. We decided to infuse it with bright colors to make the logo more friendly. They were committed to the three rings, so we altered the thicks and thins to showcase the complexity of the organization.

From our research we found the top 6 mental illnesses people most wanted to learn about. We created a poster for each top illness, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, and autism. Each poster featured a negative stereotype about each illness. A word salad attacks the silhouette, negative words about the illness literally pounding on their psyche. At the top a fact about the illness lives, encouraging the viewer to dispel the stigma.

mhc_4 mhc_5 mhc_6 mhc_7 mhc_8 mhc_9

mhc_10 mhc_11 mhc_12 mhc_13 mhc_14

The Chaplaincy loved the stigma posters, but wanted “response posters”, posters that illuminated the 5 tenants of the Chaplaincy, a breath of positivity and hope as people struggle with these illnesses.

Next the Chaplaincy needed business cards. We keep these on brand and played with the bright colors our campaign embodies.




We also built assets for various events the Chaplaincy represents at. We built a poster wall. This wall is tiled in the various stigma posters. Protruding from the center is one response poster. It is illuminated by backlights, and really drives the message home. We also designed a banner and table toppers for upcoming events.

This video is a talking head video. Chock full of heartfelt interviews with beautiful B roll footage of Seattle. To dress up the video it was decided to create a sign with The Mental Health Chaplaincy’s logo. Fortunately there was access to a laser cutter. The plan was to laser cut the logo out of a rich cobalt plastic. So that light could shine through and give an awesome texture to the overall video.

mhc_17 mhc_18 mhc_19 mhc_20 mhc_21


Next stop was the editing room. Megan and I watched the footage over and over again, picking out together the clips that might be suitable for the video. I continued on and further edited and finessed the footage to tell a cohesive and heartfelt story.

Additional footage was obtained when the team attended one of the Chaplaincy’s Companionship Model Training. Footage was taken of the volunteers attending that day. It showcased Kae Eaton, the current chaplain and executive director of the chaplaincy, teaching and sharing the journey of companionship. This footage, alongside gorgeous stock video footage, really peppered the video with nice human interest. There was concern that just simply a talking head video might not be visually exciting enough. This problem was solved through use of the additional footage from the training.

The resulting video was a resounding success. It is just under 7 minutes, and the goal was to have a professional video at least under 10 minutes. A story is nicely woven throughout, explaining who the Chaplaincy is, what they believe in, and more importantly, the impact they have on both the community and the transformative power it has on the individuals themselves.

Lastly we needed a website update. Formerly they had a basic WordPress site, lacking branding. Click on the image to look at the site