Beyond Digital: Magazine

Project Duration:
10 weeks

Tools Used:
Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, WordPress


For the fall quarter in my last year of design school I was tasked with making an entire magazine, cover to cover. At first the task was very daunting, where to even begin? So I started with a topic that really got me interested in design: Photoshop. When I was in high school I was taking a photography class and we had the latest Adobe programs including Photoshop. Even though we had access to use those programs, my teacher did not teach us how to use it. After watching hundreds of tutorials, merging layers, and making files so big and messy they filled up my hard drive, I really started to fall in love with the program. I realized that I liked editing my photos and turning them into something totally different than actually shooting.

I realized while doing my research that most technical magazines that highlighted photoshop tutorials were an eyesore, and did not showcase the amazing and beautiful things you can create. I wanted to make a magazine that was both rich in content, and something you wanted to keep on your coffee table. Mixing in technical information with articles showcasing what people in the field are doing right now.



My user is someone who likes to teach themselves and is always wanting to know more about their craft. They are go getters, people who want to stay abreast of the industry and all it has to offer.

I wanted my magazine to feel like a fashion magazine, with bold typography and no shortage of color. I also wanted to take on the challenge of making all of the pictures by myself out of stock photography. I wanted to demonstrate how versatile the program is while also giving myself a challenge. The layout is clean and bold showcasing the work, while also making the information be approachable and enticing for both experienced and inexperienced readers.




For the name, I wanted the type to be strong and bold. Since my magazine is technical and deals with photoshop I knew I wanted the type to be a sans serif. I modified the type slightly by adding a break in the typeface on the “b” and “d”. On the first iteration I got feedback that the letters were too bold and stiff. On the next iteration I tried playing with the magazine’s tagline ‘a technical guide for the self taught creative’ but it just wasn’t right. On my final iteration I just let the name speak for itself and let it be simple. This I felt spoke best to the brand because the letters are still strong and straightforward but not as in your face as my first iteration.

This was my initial flat plan, I knew I wanted the images to shine since that is what really showcases the skills detailed in the magazine. I also knew that my magazine would be a little less expensive so I needed a lot of ad space.


bd_5 bd_6 bd_7

Here is an excerpt of one of the articles in the magazine.

This project was also an interesting challenge because I got to showcased my magazine with a website, and it was the first time I coded php. The website would show in-depth video tutorials that would be free as well as pro tutorial packages that you would be able to purchase. If you are a member of the site you will also have access to articles that were not featured in the magazine. Click the image to check out the site.



This image would show all the tools that were used to retouch the model, and why they were used.


This image would have a link to the pro tutorial on Beyond Digital’s website, adding to the whole experience of the magazine.


I also wanted to think about the growing popularity of reading magazines on tablets, and being able to interact with the articles. Beyond Digital would flourish on a tablet because the images could really come to life and add a whole new aspect to the articles. Here is an example of the same article as if you were to read it on a tablet- the white circles indicate the interactive aspects.

The starting image for this article would be part cinemagraph, and could be a timelapse video that would start with the raw photo and would slowly start to transform into the final edited image.

In thinking about expanding Beyond Digital into more than just a magazine, I made a few other avenues for growth that would support the magazine and make different revenue channels for the business.

Online Website

  • selling pro tutorials
  • selling photoshop actions
  • free shorter tutorials
  • articles not seen in magazine

Beyond Digital Staff Member Pop Up Shop:

One of the Beyond Digital staff members would have a pop up shop every month where people who have submitted photos to the magazine or the website can get free pro help with all photoshop questions or general q&a.

Book of Reader Submissions:

Annual book of reader submissions that can be purchased on the website.