Dreamgirls Play Poster

Project Duration:
10 weeks

Tools Used:
Photoshop, Indesign


I was tasked with making a play poster for the hit production, Dreamgirls. The first order of business was to watch the movie and see what the most pertinent attributes of the story was. In my research I found that all publicity focused on the three women, always shown together on stage. I felt this was lacking because it did not speak to the drama happening behind the scenes with each character, because I mean c’mon we all know they were amazing singers. The poster needed to emphasized how each character strove to rise to the top. I felt the publicity that came before was to singular and generic, this is not a story of just three women but of the time they rose to fame and the people who were in their lives.



After all my research, and knowledge of the complicated plots I knew I wanted to hone in on the driving force of fame. In fact I wanted to showcase that all of the characters really wanted the same thing, to be number one. Fame is an elusive mistress, and even when some of them achieve it they are not happy. I wanted to convey this idea through showing only one woman that would represent all of the characters in the story. I also wanted to add the glitz and glamour of that era by making the background a smattering of stars, which would also represent everyone going for their dreams.

This was my first iteration of the poster, which boldly expressed a line of the music from the show. I chose to use Lust Script to really emphasize the heart of the show. The colors and the font kept the poster feeling feminine, while the image of the woman is strong and fierce, looking straight at you and demanding attention to anyone who looks at her.

The feedback I got, was that the jewelry she is wearing was too modern, and the position of the name Dreamgirls as well as all the information underneath seemed a little awkward. People also said they wanted to see this poster turned into a series.



For the next poster I found another woman and another quote that really stood out from the show.

The feedback I got from this was that people wanted to see the other characters portrayed in the movie. Even though I focused on one of the characters search for fame, I couldn’t ignore the tension that is brought out when they are together. So for my second iteration I added two more women to the poster with the one still predominantly shown and the other two being forced into the background.

Here are the final posters:

dg_6 dg_7