Ezell’s Rebranding

Project Duration:
10 weeks

My Role:
Art Director, Copywriter, Creator of Assets

Tools Used:
Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator

Megan Fisher at megafishdesign.com


Ezell’s is a much loved southern comfort eatery started in Seattle, WA. People flock from all over to partake in the delicious cuisine. Even Oprah herself brought this brand to a new level when she famously had their chicken flown to her in Chicago. Unfortunately, their current design is sorely lacking. It is outdated and not fit for their intent on further franchising their business. Thus Ezell’s was in store for a total branding facelift.

Before we could dive into the design, massive research was spent to derive Ezell’s true brand character. We met with other classmates and flushed out Ezell’s brand identity and all that comes with it.


ezell's_2 ezell's_3

Brand Character, Position, Message and Audience

As a team we tried to think of what Ezell’s represented in our community and what their brand would mean for the future. Ezell’s is planning on expanding to national and international markets, and this is something we really tried to focus on for the rebrand. We decided that Ezell’s represented trusted, authentic, and welcoming. Our position is that Ezell’s is for families who are looking for delicious food that is also affordable. Our primary audience is families from ages 28-45, with our secondary audience being millennials and foodies. We also saw another potential audience in transplants to the area who would not be already familiar with the brand.

Keeping all of our research in mind we set out to make our first deliverable, the logo. We wanted it to feel like our brand attributes (trusted, authentic, and welcoming) as well as not straying too far from its southern roots.

After many iterations Megan and I picked this logo. We wanted the typeface to convey their laid back feel, as well as their friendly nature. The name Ezell’s is the typeface Nabila, which had a fun and retro feel, harkening on diners of yore. We wanted a signature typeface to carry the brand of Ezell’s far. We also chose the colors golden orange, and a warm navy to further emphasize homestyle feel and southern roots.



To continue the brand Megan and I really wanted to focus on the packaging. We made a moodboard that focused only on what we wanted the packing to feel like. We knew that since Ezell’s does not have any in house seating that the packaging really needed to promote the brand for when people took the food to different locations. It needed to be able to stand on its own two feet. Also thinking about the fact that Ezell’s is planning on taking their band nationally.

We wanted the packaging to feel fun and fresh, and to feature our copywriting. A little sassy and sweet.

In our first iteration we went with a very clean aesthetic, that was just boring. The tone just did not match the mood we were going for. Ezell’s has so much soul and the packaging felt sterile.

ezell's_6 ezell's_7


So we scrapped it and went back to the drawing board. We wanted it to feature environmentally friendly materials, and have that special something that would set it apart from other fast food packaging. We chose to use craft paper both for its texture and the way the natural color of the paper played with the colors of the logo. We also decided to add fun taglines for each package that showcased our copywriting.

Here are some examples of the final packaging

ezell's_9 ezell's_10

Take a look at the full style guide to see all of our final designs and where we see Ezell’s future.

ezell's_11 ezell's_12 ezell's_13 ezell's_14 ezell's_15 ezell's_16 ezell's_17 ezell's_18 ezell's_19 ezell's_20 ezell's_21 ezell's_22 ezell's_23 ezell's_24 ezell's_25