Apple Tells a Story

Apple is telling the story of how technology is misconstrued to make people be less connected with each other and more connected to their devices. They are connecting with their customers by creating a scenario where almost anyone can relate and place themselves in the scenes. They are showing the family dynamic during the holidays which pulls at your heart strings. They do this by zeroing in on one member of the family who is not as engaged as the others and playing off of how they are trying to get him to participate. Most families with teenagers who love their devices would be able to connect with the adults in the ad, and on the flip side the teenagers will connect with the main character of the story. The dynamic of the family trying to do activities together during the holidays and having to deal with the sullen detached teenager they have to try and coax out of his phone. The solution to this issue in the ad is when the teenager shows his family what hes been doing the whole time with his phone and gives them the slideshow as his gift to them. This is making a connection by giving them this special gift with his apple product.

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