New Media

Final Cut

This week Pani and I finished our video. We added many more cuts to the video to make it match the music better. We also changed the font from our original video. Overall I am really happy with what we made since it was both of our first times filming and producing a video.

First Video Draft

This week Pani and I started editing our video. We decided to make two versions, one with rumba and one with somba. However in the end we thought that for a promotional video we would use the somba footage. We ran into a few glitches using premier especially with all the video effects options but overall it was a very easy edit for us. We had so much footage to choose from it was hard to decide what would go into the one minute. We made a custom title page and credits page using photoshop. I think for two first time videographers we really did a great job. The only thing I can think we need to fix or work on is the steadiness of the camera and find out if there is a way to fix that in premier. I really loved working with Pani on this project it was the most fun Ive had so far in any new media module!

Shooting Our Video

This week Pani and I shot our video for our new media module. We used four hot lights as well as the lights in the studio. It was mostly shot hand held with a stabilizer from school. This project was especially interesting since both Pani and I are not videographers so we had to figure things out as they came about. The lights that we brought with us were not strong enough to light the entire studio. Since our subjects needed a lot of room to dance this was an issue. We also had to deal with the constant movement of them dancing, going from one side of the room to the other. This was also a huge challenge since we decided to film hand held because a lot of our shots were unusable because of the jarring motion of the camera. Overall I thought that we got the shots that we were looking for an I am very excited to edit what we filmed!

First Days

First days as a videographer…. not as bad as you might think. I will be working with Pani to make a one minute video of our choice. We ended up deciding to do a promotional video for my friend Sony who is a ballroom dancer. At first we wanted it all to be about the dance, however after we talked to her she said she would be interested in doing a promo video for her and her dance partner Misha. We got the studio space from her and all the equipment from school so what can go wrong…Ill keep you posted!

Here is a video that is visually similar to the video that Pani and I will make

haut vol from LOUIS DE CAUNES on Vimeo.

Creative Brief for Metropolitan Market

My lovely teammate Megan and I were tasked with Andrew, Pani, and Adrian’s creative brief. Our task was to market the Metropolitian Market, and particularly their wine, to a younger generation. Specifically, millenials in their 20’s or 30’s.

Our deliverables are two banner ads for this particular campaign. From the brief we knew we’d need to stress the wine, millenials, organic, local, and the specialty aspect of Metropolitian Market.

The Met Market has a wide variety of wine, and this campaign would convince wine drinking millenials to come to this market, for variety and service.

Thus, our banner ads needed to be youthful. Fun. Highlighting the wine, and drinking the wine. They also needed to hammer in the promise of variety and quality customer service.

We choose to create two banner ads of the ‘Pop-Under’ variety. The specific specs 720×300 pixels. We imagine these would be displayed on The Stranger’s website, perfect for our young 20-something and 30-something audience.

We choose a humorous image of Zach Galfinakis, with a beer hat being used with wine. This is a trendy, popular comic who resonates well with the millenial ideal. Our tagline “You don’t have to choose”, references The Met’s wide variety of wines being offered. We felt the humor would draw the viewer in, and make The Met seem like a hip place to buy wine.

For our second banner, we selected another humorous photo of a young lady in the midst of wine bottles the morning after. The copy reads “At least you started the night right” followed by Metropolitian’s logo. Again, we wanted to use humor to draw the viewer in. Young people like to party, and can all relate to the messy aftermath of a night of partying. This shows that Metropolitian market CAN cater to a younger population, to suggest that a night of party is best started with their quality wine.

This was a great chance to collaborate with others over this brief. I hope Megan and I extracted the most vital information from the brief, while still creating a fresh and interesting banner ad campaign.

dumb girl

Toms Branding

toms-picsToms, the hippie chic footwear is taking the nation by storm. What makes this brand so successful? By analyzing the three components of their brand, the position, promise, and personality, we can elucidate the strategy behind this global brand.

Toms’ primary brand position is its unique buying practice. For every pair of shoes sold, Toms promises to donate a pair to a child in need, in impoverished areas. Toms’ position then is that they aren’t in it for the money. Selling shoes is the vehicle for making a greater impact in the world. Helping others is Toms’ position.

Tom’s is based in Playa Del Rey, California. In addition to Toms, there is a non-profit subsidiary Friends of Toms. Along with shoes Toms branched out to eyewear, and again, promises a part of that profit to saving the eyesight of those in impoverished nations.

Toms’ brand position is as a socially conscious company, committed first and foremost to helping others through their commerce. This position is believable, Tom, the founder made his mission transparent from the very origins of the company. The position is unique – not many businesses make such direct contributions to those in the world with need. And as with the eyewear, Toms has the potential to grow and evolve in many different product areas. Virtually every essential product to be sold could be donated to someone in need.

Toms’ brand promise is simple. It started with the simple concept of donating a pair of shoes for every one sold. Then it branched to other non-profit sectors and donates money for repairing third world vision, for every piece of eyewear sold. This promise then touches every aspect of their business. This promise is the crux of the Toms brand and makes it truly unique.

Toms has quite the brand personality. It’s rugged. A simple shoe, made durable and extremely wearable. It’s sincere. Their mission to help those in need is paramount, and they stand behind that claim. There is also excitement in this brand. It suggest adventure, worldliness, connection, and the unknown. Toms’ wants its consumers to explore and impact the world positively. Especially young people.

Toms is:

socially conscious





environmentally friendly





Toms is not:









Apple Tells a Story

Apple is telling the story of how technology is misconstrued to make people be less connected with each other and more connected to their devices. They are connecting with their customers by creating a scenario where almost anyone can relate and place themselves in the scenes. They are showing the family dynamic during the holidays which pulls at your heart strings. They do this by zeroing in on one member of the family who is not as engaged as the others and playing off of how they are trying to get him to participate. Most families with teenagers who love their devices would be able to connect with the adults in the ad, and on the flip side the teenagers will connect with the main character of the story. The dynamic of the family trying to do activities together during the holidays and having to deal with the sullen detached teenager they have to try and coax out of his phone. The solution to this issue in the ad is when the teenager shows his family what hes been doing the whole time with his phone and gives them the slideshow as his gift to them. This is making a connection by giving them this special gift with his apple product.

SWOT & PEST Analysis of Filson

Filson is a Seattle based premium outdoor clothing brand. Their customers consist of hipsters, and outdoor enthusiasts between 25-45 years old. Their competition is Eddie Bauer, The North Face, REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Woolrich. They have a few unique values, all of their cloths are made in America. They have been in business since 1897 and know who is buying their clothing. The design of the clothing is well crafted and is a mix of classic americana and contemporary trends. They have a lifetime warranty on a majority of products which saves their customer money.


Very well established both locally and nationally.

2. Weakness

Their products are on the pricier side, they not as big as other outdoor clothing           companies such as Eddie Bauer

3. Opportunity

They can expand their store presence in shopping centers

4. Threats

Trends can change making their clothing not popular



1. Political

Cost of minimum wage rising, foreign distribution policies

2. Economical

Cost of raw materials, cost of shipping

3. Social

People more than ever are paying attention to where and how products are made       and the conditions the people who make them are under

4. Technology

People expecting free shipping, the importance of an online presence

Google Ad Strategy


1. Get people to use the different platforms Google offers

2. Reach multiple generations

3. Humanize Google


1. Families can become closer using different aspects of Google

2. Technology can be used to create connections

3. All generations can benefit from using

4. Playing on peoples emotional connections with others close to them, wanting to stay connected to people you love

5. Breakdown barriers, by using the names of the actors in the commercial they were showing a personal story and made it seem like a father daughter team you may know in your real life


1. The video can be used on many different platforms (social media, TV, websites)

2. Banner ads of the tagline on other websites

3. Print ads with the tagline and a still of the video

Banner Ads

Here are a couple of seasonal banner ads for Red Hook!

IPhone_insta_redhook catie_holderman_640x640 copy

Farmers Market Banner Ad

Here is a mock up of a banner ad for a fictitious farmers market, the file was made to be exactly 1000px X 400px with 72 dpi/RGB color and it had to be under 300k.


Other Blogs To Look Out For

Here are a couple of blogs that really inspire me almost everyday! The first is called Phlearn, they have really awesome tutorials on photoshop and photography. Seeing as I am a graphic design student I usually only check out the photoshop tutorials, and I have never once been disappointed. I really like their tutorials because they are really easy to follow and they highlight tools that I normally would not think to use for certain tasks. They also have interviews with people who actually work in the business which gives you a different perspective. They also have tutorial packages that you can buy and have.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.35.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.35.52 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.53.40 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.54.10 PM

Here is one of their tutorials:

If you want to visit their site just use this link, I highly recommend it!

Another awesome website to check out is Smashing Magazine, there you will find all the new trends for web design which is pretty important. They have tons of new articles everyday which keeps their content fresh and really interesting to read.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.38.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.42.11 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.42.33 PM

They have really beautiful images in their posts like the images above.

Oh…My…God…New friends

natassia_silva copyToday I met my new new media module, and had a more in depth conversation with two lovely ladies named Natassia and Ayyshe. Natassia is a graphic design student and Ayyshe is a photography student.

Natassia was born and raised in beautiful Hawaii. She then moved to San Fran and lived there 8 years, studying fashion merchandising at the Academy of Art where she got her BFA. After school she worked for a mens clothing line called Endless Amo. She worked on sales and styling for the line, and a lot of her portfolio is made up from editorial and styling from that time. She learned about SCCC from her cousin who went here. She decided that she wanted to do more graphic design work so on a whim she decided to apply and got in. During her two years here she wants to focus on ux and ui design. Some interesting facts about Natassia is that every time she travels she sees someone she knows, even in different countries! She is also the oldest of four siblings.

Ayyshe was born and raised in seattle, and knows that she has always wanted to do photography. Her favorite subjects are kids. She has had many exotic pets, such as a tarantula! However she unfortunatly had her dog stolen recently by who she believes is one of her neighbors…WTF. She has one older brother.

mini golf

For the final New Media project of the quarter, we have been tasked with making a mini golf course where each hole represents a different company. Each group is assigned to a hole, and my group got the company Compendium. For all of you who are not familiar with this company, Compendium is a local company that produces paper products such as gift books, notebooks and journals, greeting cards,boxed note cards, desk accessories, guest books, children’s books, and pop-open cards. They have a really unique style that is cohesive throughout all of their products, they are very whimsical and everything looks handcrafted. Here are some examples of their work:

compendium images

So my group decided that for our hole we are going to do a lot of hand drawn typography, and have different themes for each passageway. The themes would be based on greeting card slogans that are seen in their greeting cards. Here is a mock up of what our hole is going to look like:

mock up 2_760


Ad Campaign

So basically directly after presenting our GOP presentations we were tasked to make an ad for a fictitious alcohol company that targets a specific group of people. The entire project consisted of creating the name, lable, copy, and image for our brand of alcohol. My group decided to do our project on whiskey made in small batches for bicyclists. The idea behind this ad is because we decided to target cyclists, when people buy the whiskey they have the “on the go” option of getting it in a flask instead of a bottle, and when your flask is empty you can refill it at the store. Heres what we came up with.

fixie whiskey


Well this was certainly the hardest module to date! We had to revamp one republican candidate of our choosing, making them appeal to the small percentage of people that are undecided on their political vote this coming presidential election. We were tasked to create a new GOP logo, candidate logo, inspirational image of our candidate, inspirational video of our candidate, and finally a responsive landing page for our candidate. I worked with Marissa Roesijadi, Karli Jannell Scott, and Brittney Moser. All I can say is this was an amazing challenge and was really fun! Below is the work we collaborated on in order as listed above.

martinez_logo poster_final


First Video

In this module we had to make a short video with two other classmates. I worked with Sari Jack and Leesha King. We shot the video at the volunteer park conservatory with Leesha’s DSLR camera. I was the subject in the short, Leesha manned the camera and Sari directed during the shoot. We edited the footage with Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Hope you enjoy!

Whats Your Story Free People


#1. What niche do they want to be known for?

Free people are known for their outside the box style and their easy, fun attitude. Their customers are in their early 20’s to mid 30’s. Their customers are women who want to dress with a ‘fashion forward style’ that you can not find in most other stores today. Their customers are more daring with their style, and like to stand out.

#2. What are their customers challenges?

A few challenges that free people faces is the cost of the ‘easy breezy’ wardrobe that can cost a fortune if they are all you buy. Even a few items from Free People can lead you well into a few hundred. Another challenge a customer could face, because their cloths are so different than what most stores are offering right now can make it challenging to integrate into the wardrobe you already have, thus making customers not as eager to spend all that money on something you can only wear once a year.

#3. What kind of content does Free People consume?

Free people has their influence in almost all social media (Facebook page, Twitter, Vimeo, Tumber, Google +, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.)

#4. How can they create interesting yet consistent content that will attract new customers and retain old ones?

Continuing to host events such as the ‘Free People LA Street Style Event’ and “Intimately Free People Undies Giveaway.’ They also keep a regular blog called ‘BLDG 25’ which has articles from fashion to food.

#5 When is all said and done, what business results do they want to achieve for all their hard work?

They are expecting that they will have higher revenue, more customers-both new and returning, and they will be able to expand further.

#6 How do they know all that is working?

They can tell their efforts are working based off their revenue reports as well as their main website and blog traffic, Twitter hash tags, Facebook page likes, pins on Pinterest of their product, and the list goes on.

Dove Tells a Story

Dove Sketch 2 FInal sketch
This week in my New Media class we are working on story telling and how companies use stories to convey a message about their company to their consumer. I collaborated with Emily Ford about a video that we thought conveyed a strong story not only about their company but also about their customer. We decided on a video that Dove produced that illustrated the average woman and her view of herself, then being told what someone else thought about her. Here are a few questions we answered based only on this video.

1. Who is the target customer?

Women who are working class with families in the age range of 30-60. Women who live primarily in suburbs and who take care of others before themselves.

2. What is the story they are telling?

The story they are trying to tell is that women are more beautiful than they give themselves credit for. Also giving power to the average women instead of the “ideal” woman.

3. what is the emotion they are conveying?

The emotion they are trying to convey is hope, inspiration, love.

4. how does this emotion connect to the customer?

These emotions connect with the customer because the video leaves you feeling good and because the women that they had featured in the commercial are very normal looking, you as the view feel like you can connect with them more than you would with models who appear to be perfect.

5. what else does it say about the company?

This video says that Dove cares about womens self esteem issues and wants to make you feel good without using beauty products that change who you are. They are saying that you can be who you are right now and still be beautiful.

Banner Ads!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today we got to make banner ads! I chose to make my ads for Starbucks, and I chose to go with a halloween theme because it is still october and Starbucks would want their specialty coffees to be front and center. I also chose an orange theme because I thought it really popped off the white background of the site. Enjoy.


Hand Drawn Typography


Hand drawn typography can make compositions really pop and customized. Above are some impressive examples of this, which were found on the Smashing Magazine page (

“Beautiful and creative typography can come in a variety of different forms.Hand drawn typography can be an excellent source of inspiration for graphic designers and typography lovers”- Smashing Magazine

If your interested in making your own type style, there are tons of informative sites and interactive youtube videos that can help you. Here is just one video on the subject:

That video can be found on Skill Share ( which gives steps on how to make custom fonts!