Creative Brief for Metropolitan Market

My lovely teammate Megan and I were tasked with Andrew, Pani, and Adrian’s creative brief. Our task was to market the Metropolitian Market, and particularly their wine, to a younger generation. Specifically, millenials in their 20’s or 30’s.

Our deliverables are two banner ads for this particular campaign. From the brief we knew we’d need to stress the wine, millenials, organic, local, and the specialty aspect of Metropolitian Market.

The Met Market has a wide variety of wine, and this campaign would convince wine drinking millenials to come to this market, for variety and service.

Thus, our banner ads needed to be youthful. Fun. Highlighting the wine, and drinking the wine. They also needed to hammer in the promise of variety and quality customer service.

We choose to create two banner ads of the ‘Pop-Under’ variety. The specific specs 720×300 pixels. We imagine these would be displayed on The Stranger’s website, perfect for our young 20-something and 30-something audience.

We choose a humorous image of Zach Galfinakis, with a beer hat being used with wine. This is a trendy, popular comic who resonates well with the millenial ideal. Our tagline “You don’t have to choose”, references The Met’s wide variety of wines being offered. We felt the humor would draw the viewer in, and make The Met seem like a hip place to buy wine.

For our second banner, we selected another humorous photo of a young lady in the midst of wine bottles the morning after. The copy reads “At least you started the night right” followed by Metropolitian’s logo. Again, we wanted to use humor to draw the viewer in. Young people like to party, and can all relate to the messy aftermath of a night of partying. This shows that Metropolitian market CAN cater to a younger population, to suggest that a night of party is best started with their quality wine.

This was a great chance to collaborate with others over this brief. I hope MeganĀ and I extracted the most vital information from the brief, while still creating a fresh and interesting banner ad campaign.

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