Dove Tells a Story

Dove Sketch 2 FInal sketch
This week in my New Media class we are working on story telling and how companies use stories to convey a message about their company to their consumer. I collaborated with Emily Ford about a video that we thought conveyed a strong story not only about their company but also about their customer. We decided on a video that Dove produced that illustrated the average woman and her view of herself, then being told what someone else thought about her. Here are a few questions we answered based only on this video.

1. Who is the target customer?

Women who are working class with families in the age range of 30-60. Women who live primarily in suburbs and who take care of others before themselves.

2. What is the story they are telling?

The story they are trying to tell is that women are more beautiful than they give themselves credit for. Also giving power to the average women instead of the “ideal” woman.

3. what is the emotion they are conveying?

The emotion they are trying to convey is hope, inspiration, love.

4. how does this emotion connect to the customer?

These emotions connect with the customer because the video leaves you feeling good and because the women that they had featured in the commercial are very normal looking, you as the view feel like you can connect with them more than you would with models who appear to be perfect.

5. what else does it say about the company?

This video says that Dove cares about womens self esteem issues and wants to make you feel good without using beauty products that change who you are. They are saying that you can be who you are right now and still be beautiful.

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