mini golf

For the final New Media project of the quarter, we have been tasked with making a mini golf course where each hole represents a different company. Each group is assigned to a hole, and my group got the company Compendium. For all of you who are not familiar with this company,¬†Compendium is a local company that produces paper products¬†such as gift books, notebooks and journals, greeting cards,boxed note cards, desk accessories, guest books, children’s books, and pop-open cards. They have a really unique style that is cohesive throughout all of their products, they are very whimsical and everything looks handcrafted. Here are some examples of their work:

compendium images

So my group decided that for our hole we are going to do a lot of hand drawn typography, and have different themes for each passageway. The themes would be based on greeting card slogans that are seen in their greeting cards. Here is a mock up of what our hole is going to look like:

mock up 2_760


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