Oh…My…God…New friends

natassia_silva copyToday I met my new new media module, and had a more in depth conversation with two lovely ladies named Natassia and Ayyshe. Natassia is a graphic design student and Ayyshe is a photography student.

Natassia was born and raised in beautiful Hawaii. She then moved to San Fran and lived there 8 years, studying fashion merchandising at the Academy of Art where she got her BFA. After school she worked for a mens clothing line called Endless Amo. She worked on sales and styling for the line, and a lot of her portfolio is made up from editorial and styling from that time. She learned about SCCC from her cousin who went here. She decided that she wanted to do more graphic design work so on a whim she decided to apply and got in. During her two years here she wants to focus on ux and ui design. Some interesting facts about Natassia is that every time she travels she sees someone she knows, even in different countries! She is also the oldest of four siblings.

Ayyshe was born and raised in seattle, and knows that she has always wanted to do photography. Her favorite subjects are kids. She has had many exotic pets, such as a tarantula! However she unfortunatly had her dog stolen recently by who she believes is one of her neighbors…WTF. She has one older brother.

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