SWOT & PEST Analysis of Filson

Filson is a Seattle based premium outdoor clothing brand. Their customers consist of hipsters, and outdoor enthusiasts between 25-45 years old. Their competition is Eddie Bauer, The North Face, REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Woolrich. They have a few unique values, all of their cloths are made in America. They have been in business since 1897 and know who is buying their clothing. The design of the clothing is well crafted and is a mix of classic americana and contemporary trends. They have a lifetime warranty on a majority of products which saves their customer money.


Very well established both locally and nationally.

2. Weakness

Their products are on the pricier side, they not as big as other outdoor clothing           companies such as Eddie Bauer

3. Opportunity

They can expand their store presence in shopping centers

4. Threats

Trends can change making their clothing not popular



1. Political

Cost of minimum wage rising, foreign distribution policies

2. Economical

Cost of raw materials, cost of shipping

3. Social

People more than ever are paying attention to where and how products are made       and the conditions the people who make them are under

4. Technology

People expecting free shipping, the importance of an online presence

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