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toms-picsToms, the hippie chic footwear is taking the nation by storm. What makes this brand so successful? By analyzing the three components of their brand, the position, promise, and personality, we can elucidate the strategy behind this global brand.

Toms’ primary brand position is its unique buying practice. For every pair of shoes sold, Toms promises to donate a pair to a child in need, in impoverished areas. Toms’ position then is that they aren’t in it for the money. Selling shoes is the vehicle for making a greater impact in the world. Helping others is Toms’ position.

Tom’s is based in Playa Del Rey, California. In addition to Toms, there is a non-profit subsidiary Friends of Toms. Along with shoes Toms branched out to eyewear, and again, promises a part of that profit to saving the eyesight of those in impoverished nations.

Toms’ brand position is as a socially conscious company, committed first and foremost to helping others through their commerce. This position is believable, Tom, the founder made his mission transparent from the very origins of the company. The position is unique – not many businesses make such direct contributions to those in the world with need. And as with the eyewear, Toms has the potential to grow and evolve in many different product areas. Virtually every essential product to be sold could be donated to someone in need.

Toms’ brand promise is simple. It started with the simple concept of donating a pair of shoes for every one sold. Then it branched to other non-profit sectors and donates money for repairing third world vision, for every piece of eyewear sold. This promise then touches every aspect of their business. This promise is the crux of the Toms brand and makes it truly unique.

Toms has quite the brand personality. It’s rugged. A simple shoe, made durable and extremely wearable. It’s sincere. Their mission to help those in need is paramount, and they stand behind that claim. There is also excitement in this brand. It suggest adventure, worldliness, connection, and the unknown. Toms’ wants its consumers to explore and impact the world positively. Especially young people.

Toms is:

socially conscious





environmentally friendly





Toms is not:









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