Week 1: Cereal Challenge

We have reached the beginning of Erik Fadiman’s module. His modules are legendary – epic feats to overcome in merely five weeks. Past modules this year have created entire brands for credit cards and energy bars. Our challenge? CEREAL. Breakfast of Champions.

Our mission? Create a cohesive brand for any cereal of our imagination, from making the actual cereal to packaging to branding to coding a landing page.

This time I am grouped with Megan Fisher and Tristan Fairchok, both of whom I’ve worked with before. Megan came up with the million dollar idea: designing a LUXURY CEREAL. With this brand strategy we can just go nuts. Already the wheels are spinning.

We’re going with an import item, from Holland in particular, as our special ingredient. This is stroopwafel, a caramel honey wafer cookie. We’ll add marshmallow, almonds, and chocolate to make little bites. The creme de la creme are gold flakes, corn flakes painted with edible gold dust, just to add that extra level of ridiculousness.

This is an exciting time right now as we are coming up with new ideas, fantastical ideas. It’s going to be great to see where this goes.

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