Week 2: Cereal Challenge

This week we were given ample time to brainstorm for our luxury cereal. Tristan hails from Holland so our cereal will be an import, with distinct European flavors. Tristan brought us to an international grocery store in which we gathered the essential ingredients: stroopwafel, dark chocolate with marzipan, and almonds. Marshmallows and Corn Flakes were easy enough to get from the regular grocer.

Lekkar is derived from the Dutch word “lekker”, meaning it tastes good. We decided to change the “e” to an “a” so that American audiences would have an easier time with its correct pronunciation “LEK-KA”. Megan and I found the perfect fonts to use, Rosemary for our headings and Avenir for all the subheadings.

So it was time for the test kitchen to open. With Tristan and myself to taste test, Megan set to work making the actual product. It was clear from the first batch that too much marshmallow would make it too chewy. That first batch had an unfortunate gum-like mouthfeel. megan tried another batch with less marshmallow, but at this point it too closely resembled a fancy rice crispy treat.

A little discouraged, we had new resolve to perfect this product. Luckily, Erik Fadiman has experience as a chef, and so he will be a wealth of information in how to make this cereal as delicious as the brand is ridiculous.

However, it was still a productive week. Megan and I designed the logo and brand promise. We also created user profiles of our target demographic. We also made a plan of action to survive the coming weeks and escalating deliverables.

Game on.

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