Week 3: Cereal Challenge

This week has been all consuming in terms of Lekkar!

Together, Megan and I refined the logo, the tagline, the color palette (crisp white, jet black, and radiant gold), and incredibly the package design.

Tristan was able to complete our product shots.

Packaging! I now have new respect for those who make boxes! Megan and I had a specific vision for Lekkar’s packaging. We wanted it to be unique while sturdy for ease of use. We were dead set on printing on metallic gold paper. Several trips to the University of Washington paper store and some advice from Mark helped narrow our choices.

We ultimately decided to use the heavy metallic gold paper as the box’s base, and using a heavyweight cream paper as the top – a paper we could easily print our logo and information on.

Next plan of action: shoot the commercial and lifestyle photos for our brand. Fortunately Tristan has a great model lined up, and I have a great house to film in.

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