Week 4: Cereal Challenge

What an exciting week for Lekkar!

Three important things happened this week: we completed our packaging, shot our video and lifestyle photos, and perfected the Lekkar recipe.

Under Erik’s tutelage, Megan added crisp granola to the Lekkar recipe. Now, using only a touch of marshmallow to bind all the ingredients together we have perfect clusters of almond, stroopwafel, and chocolate goodness.

Megan and I finished the packaging. It looks beautiful. Heavy gold paper as the base, and a delicate cream topper with the Lekkar logo. The finishing touch is a simply black ribbon tied around in a bow. We even added a seal, a small sticker closing the front panel with the tagline “Imported from Holland”.

The shoot went by perfectly. Tristan selected the perfect model. A young, very attractive woman who had a luxe feel.

Tristan was able to get great footage. Many lifestyle shots to be used for our environmental ads. And lots of video footage that he’ll whip into a great video.

Erik told us that if we’re going to take this brand, we must take it all the way. In that vein, we have added a new product, port liquor, to sell under the Lekkar brand. The perfect pairing. We wish to remain true to our brand promise and deliver nothing but luxury items.

We also decided to make our focus-group day into a full scale pop-up shop. We wish to sell a lifestyle, the ultimate luxury. We are already scheming to make a fantastical display. Lots of work left to do, but we are in it to win it.

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