Whats Your Story Free People


#1. What niche do they want to be known for?

Free people are known for their outside the box style and their easy, fun attitude. Their customers are in their early 20’s to mid 30’s. Their customers are women who want to dress with a ‘fashion forward style’ that you can not find in most other stores today. Their customers are more daring with their style, and like to stand out.

#2. What are their customers challenges?

A few challenges that free people faces is the cost of the ‘easy breezy’ wardrobe that can cost a fortune if they are all you buy. Even a few items from Free People can lead you well into a few hundred. Another challenge a customer could face, because their cloths are so different than what most stores are offering right now can make it challenging to integrate into the wardrobe you already have, thus making customers not as eager to spend all that money on something you can only wear once a year.

#3. What kind of content does Free People consume?

Free people has their influence in almost all social media (Facebook page, Twitter, Vimeo, Tumber, Google +, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.)

#4. How can they create interesting yet consistent content that will attract new customers and retain old ones?

Continuing to host events such as the ‘Free People LA Street Style Event’ and “Intimately Free People Undies Giveaway.’ They also keep a regular blog called ‘BLDG 25’ which has articles from fashion to food.

#5 When is all said and done, what business results do they want to achieve for all their hard work?

They are expecting that they will have higher revenue, more customers-both new and returning, and they will be able to expand further.

#6 How do they know all that is working?

They can tell their efforts are working based off their revenue reports as well as their main website and blog traffic, Twitter hash tags, Facebook page likes, pins on Pinterest of their product, and the list goes on.

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